2018 UCP National Annual Meeting

CP Collaborative Members served on a panel at the 2018 UCP National Annual meeting in St. Louis, MO on April 29th, 2018. The purpose of the panel was to inform the national UCP affiliates of the resources, services and activities of the various cerebral palsy related organizations and give guidance as to how we as a community can better collaborate.

Anita Porco, VP of the UCP Affiliate Network, served as the moderator for the panel.

Terry Such-Neibar, M.D., Chair of the Advocacy Council of the AACPDM spoke about the variety of resources available to UCP affiliates and their clients through the AACPDM.

Richard Ellenson, CEO of CPF spoke about opportunities for collaboration with UCP affiliates and a variety of initiatives that CPF is spearheading to promote awareness, participation, education, health and wellness of those with CP.

Jennifer Lyman, Coordinator of the CP Collaborative spoke about all of the remaining CP Collaborative member organizations and their various resources and initiatives, as well advocacy for the CP community. Jennifer also spoke on behalf of Paul Gross, Chairman of CPRN and presented the organizational structure, background, research initiatives and ways CPRN envisions UCP affiliates and CPRN can collaborate.

We are grateful to have UCP as a member of the CP Collaborative and look forward continued efforts for this community to work together for the benefit of all those who are impacted by cerebral palsy!