Jennifer is the founder and coordinator of the Cerebral Palsy Collaborative. While attending the 2014 NIH State-of-Science and Treatment Decisions in Cerebral Palsy workshop it became was clear that the NIH, the CDC and the general public were in need of a unified voice from the cerebral palsy community for research, advocacy, education (dissemination of information to those with CP and those who care for them) and awareness. Jennifer had worked with many of the organizations who were in a position to support this endeavor and knew that it was an idea that they could all support.

Prior to having her son Bower, who has CP and visual impairment, Jennifer was a case manager for children with disabilities in therapeutic foster care. She represented them in court, at school, through transitions to adult care, in obtaining Medicaid waivers, and ensuring that their foster families followed their plan of care. Jennifer also created Adventure Respite, a therapeutic respite program that took the children in foster care on weekend camping trips. The program effectively used Medicaid respite finds while giving the children the opportunity to have memorable experiences. Adventure Respite was recognized nationally for its innovative approach to respite care. Jennifer was awarded Social Service worker of the year for the State of Georgia for the creation of this program.

Jennifer holds an M.S. in Therapeutic Recreation from University of Florida’s College of Health and Human Performance, has a post-graduate certification in Conductive Education for Cerebral Palsy from Governors State University and is a certified yoga instructor. She is past chair of the AACPDM Community Council and has served on various CP related nonprofit boards. She is the Resource Content Manager for Cerebral Palsy Resource,, a product of the Cerebral Palsy Foundation.