CP Collaborative Members CPRN and CPNOW Awarded PCORI Grant

CP Collaborative members, CP NOW and the Cerebral Palsy Research Network (CPRN) were awarded a PCORI Grant in late December to host a conference to entitled “Setting a Patient-Centered Research Agenda for Cerebral Palsy” (or Research CP for short). The conference, which will be held in Chicago in mid June 2017, is preceded by an educational webinar series on research, quality, registries and patient-centered research outcomes so that everyone at the conference has a common language.

The webinars and conference will be open to the public virtually and the in person workshop will be open to 35 people (including stipends for the community participants). The workshop will be approximately 20 people from the community and 15 people from the provider side.

Collaborative members are helping to promote this opportunity to shape a patient-centered research agenda with their constituents.

Welcome THREE TO BE!

THREE TO BE,, our neighbors to the north, based out of Toronto, Canada, have joined the CP Collaborative! THREE TO BE’s mission is to advocate and raise funds to support and advance the development of innovative research, education and therapies for children with neurological disorders. We are thrilled to have them join forces with us to strengthen the unified voice for change for those impacted by cerebral palsy.

AACPDM Annual Meeting and Community Forum

Members of the CP Collaborative are preparing for the 70th Annual AACPDM meeting and Community Forum!  We are looking forward to five days of research and educational presentations with many opportunities to identify initiatives which we can work together to advance.

Additionally, many of our members have been working together with CPNOW, host of the Community Forum, to plan this full day education and support symposium for caregivers, families and individuals with CP.  This is an excellent opportunity for the community to learn about a variety of “hot” topics in CP research, learn about CP resources and find support.


What is the CP Collaborative?

The CP Collaborative is a diverse and volunteer network of existing cerebral palsy related organizations who represent: individuals with CP, their families, caregivers, researchers, physicians and therapists.